The Elm

Architect: Marc Cornett Architects
Designer: Malane Benedetto
Builder: Loren Wood Builders

This once neighborhood grocery, now turned spectacular restaurant, gives quite an ambience as you enter. The soft tones of the bleached red oak, paired with the linen textures nestled into the framework of the cabinetry create a great place for both pottery work & photography display.

As you get seated, your eyes are drawn up to the ceiling’s expanse due to all the lighting directed upward.

Flushly integrated into all the cabinetry, the lighting serves it’s purpose without taking up visual space.

Cocoons of seating sprinkled across the space designate close conversations with either loved ones or business partners – the feeling of privacy without solid walls but a mix of cabinetry & paneling dividing the room into cozy sections to enjoy a meal paired with conversation.

Though this place has captivating tall ceilings and space for hundreds – it never is loud, but homey and inviting of everyone to hold their conversations.

With the help of upholstered paneling and yards of linen – helping to stifle the sound, this not only creates a beautiful design element but also dampens the echo of gatherings.

The numerous details throughout the space are a lovely nod to craftsmanship & care.

The custom Integrated handles we fabricated have many details themselves, making sure they not only look beautiful but also function with ease.